Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & Safety

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2 hours

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01 Feb 2021



In this course, trainees learn how to be safe and productive with one of the true, all-weather workhorses of mining and heavy construction: the articulated haul truck. When conditions are adverse or when you've got a worksite with close quarters requiring tight turns, or you need a hauler that can go where others can't, it's tough to beat the articulated haul truck.


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Duration: 2 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Operations
Level: Specialize
Version:  v2.0.1LVH5




Overall Course Specifications:

Estimated length of training program: 1- 2 hours + final test

Number of test questions: 23

Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes

Final Exam Feedback report: Yes

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Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Review the content of the entire course.
  • Explain the importance of operator responsibility and attention to the operator’s manual.

Lesson 2: Getting to Know Your Truck

  • Identify important components of the truck and what they do.
  • Discuss warning signals and their meaning.

Lesson 3: Pre-use Inspection

  • Identify the main areas of the truck that must be inspected before and after use.
  • Examine possible broken or missing parts.
  • Discuss the importance of inspection to ensure the safety of the operator and surrounding workers.

Lesson 4: Loading

  • Explains the main aspects of loading and articulated truck:
    • Spotting
    • Positioning
    • Communication
    • Overall safety

Lesson 5: Hauling

  • Describe in depth how to use the truck for hauling. 
  • Define conditions that may be hazardous, such as rough roads or limited visibility. 
  • Focus on important areas of hauling including; load balance, damage reduction, and using the retarder.

Lesson 6: Unloading

  • Understand dump areas, as well as dumping methods
  • Examine how to continue operating safely in the presence of an incline or other hazards.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify and understand articulated haul truck features, functions and major components.
  • Understand key safety topics related to this truck and working around other equipment.
  • Understand the steps for safe, efficient and productive loading, operating and dumping.


Recommended Background

Although we recommend that you take the following prerequisite courses, this course is suitable for anyone with an interest in equipment operation and safety.

  • Recommended prerequisite courses:
    • Heavy Equipment – Introduction and Safety
    • Heavy Equipment – Pre-Use Inspection.


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Getting to Know Your Truck
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Pre-use Inspection
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