Backhoe Loader - Operation and Safety

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2 hours

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29 Mar 2021



In this program you will learn Operation & Safety of this versatile and common piece of equipment, the backhoe loader (tractor loader backhoe). The course contains five lessons, including design features and components reviewed in relation to safety and productivity.



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Duration: 2 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Operations
Level: Specialize
Version:  v2.0.0H5





Overall Course Specifications:

Estimated length of training program: 1.5 hour + final test

Number of test questions: 27

Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes

Final Exam Feedback report: Yes


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify and understand backhoe loader features, functions, and major components.
  • Understand key safety topics related to pre-use inspection and start up and shut down.
  • Understand the steps for safe, efficient, and productive digging, loading, and backfilling.


Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Review the content of the entire course.
  • Overview of a backhoe loader and basic safety.

Lesson 2: Getting to Know Your Backhoe Loader

  • Identify important components and controls of the backhoe loader and what they do.
  • Discuss warning signals and their meaning.

Lesson 3: Pre-use and Post-use Inspection

  • Explain the importance of completing and what to look for during a pre-use inspection.
  • Identify the main areas of the backhoe that must be inspected before and after use.
  • Recognize the importance of wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Discuss the importance of reporting defects found and logging issues.

Lesson 4: Machine Operation

  • Identify risks to watch for during operation.
  • Demonstrate safe pre-start procedures.
  • Perform proper starting procedures.
  • Prepare to operate the machine safely.
  • Examine the locations and ways to safely park the machine.
  • Identify proper ways to shut down the machine.


Lesson 5: Loader Operation

  • Identify proper ways to load from stockpiles.
  • Recognize how to spot trucks for efficient loading.
  • Examine how to dig with the loader.
  • Discuss the best way to create stockpiles.
  • Identify the proper way to backfill and work around trenches.

Lesson 6: Backhoe Operation

  • Identify the backhoe loader's set-up techniques.
  • Understand digging with the backhoe.
  • Know how to deposit material with the backhoe.
  • Understand how to backfill with the backhoe.

Final Exam – 27 question exam with incorrect response feedback

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Getting to Know Your Backhoe Loader
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Pre-use and Post-use Inspection
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Machine Operation
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Loader Operation
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Backhoe Operation
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Final Exam
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