Transporting Equipment – Operation & Safety

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27 May 2021



A significant percentage of fatal accidents involving heavy equipment occur when loading and unloading from a trailer. Accidents can also happen when transporting equipment, if it is not properly secured to the trailer. That’s why the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates best practices for securing and transporting equipment on trailers. This course will cover types of trailers, load capacity, tie-down, and hauling on public highways and more.



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Duration: 2 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Operations
Level: Specialize
Version:  v3.1.1H5

Overall Course Specifications:

Estimated length of training program: 1 – 2 hours + final test

Number of test questions: 25

Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes

Final Exam Feedback report: Yes


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the types of trailers used to haul heavy equipment
    • Understand how to read a trailer load capacity plate
    • Understand how to safely load and unload equipment from trailers
    • Understand tie-down equipment and procedures
    • Know how to calculate the Aggregate Working Load Limit (AWLL)
    • Comply with best practices when hauling on public roadways


Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Overview of the topics covered in the program
  • Discussion of who transports equipment
  • Discussion of fatal accident statistics
  • Discussion of the importance of training
  • Description of metric conversion

Lesson 2: The Trailer

  • Overview of trailer types
  • Description of the data plate
  • Overview of how to prepare the load for transport

Lesson 3: Loading

  • Discussion of loading the trailer
  • Overview of operator safety, including knowing how to operate the machine, loading and unloading considerations, wearing PPE, loading with a spotter and without, and maintaining 3 points of contact when mounting and unmounting equipment and trailers
  • Description of proper loading procedures

Lesson 4: Securement

  • Description of securement points
  • Discussion of using only authorized securement points
  • Description of how to inspect attachment points

Lesson 5: Tie-down Components

  • Discussion of the importance of using proper chains
  • Discussion of the importance of inspecting all chains prior to use
  • Discussion of various binding methods, including ratchets, levers, and straps

Lesson 6: Tie-down Procedures

  • Description of the purpose of a tie-down system
  • Discussion of Aggregate Working Load Limit (AWLL)
  • Discussion of the importance of knowing rated capacity and load limits
  • Description of common tie-down methods

Lesson 7: Specialty Loads

  • Discussion of securing specialty loads, including cable reels, shovel hardware, and pipe

Lesson 8: On the Road

  • Discussion of procedures to be done prior to traveling on the road, including performing a walk-around inspection, final load limit checks, delivering the machine, offloading, and parking

Final Exam – 25 question exam with incorrect response feedback

Recommended Background

Although we recommend that you take the following prerequisite courses, this course is suitable for anyone with an interest in equipment operation and safety.

  • Recommended prerequisite courses:
    • Heavy Equipment – Introduction and Safety 
    • Heavy Equipment – Pre-Use Inspection

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The Trailer
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Tie-down Components
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Tie-down Procedures
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Specialty Loads
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On the Road
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Final Exam
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