Chemical Fundamentals in Mineral Processing

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2 hours

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13 Aug 2023



About the Course

In this introductory course, students explore the science behind the processes used in today's mineral processing industry. The concepts of reaction kinetics are introduced and applied to the chemistry and physics in mineral processing operations.

With ever more difficult ores to process, we bring a new approach to mineral processing by focusing on understanding the consistency of science at the molecular level. This course explores the improved use of old techniques and development of new ones will advance the industry into the 21st century.​

Students will leave this course with a solid grasp of reaction kinetics concepts such as surface charge, reaction selectivity, application characteristics of soluble and insoluble reagents, equilibrium, chemical dispersion characteristics, and practices that will help them troubleshoot and improve mineral processing operations and increase plant efficiency.

About the Audience

This course is for individuals interested in the science behind mineral processing operations.

Examples of those who may be interested include: mineral processors, metallurgists, mineral processing researchers, engineers, and plant managers.

Recommended Background

This is an introductory level course. We recommend a university level of chemistry taught to engineers and an understanding of engineering mathematics. For an introduction to the mining industry and terminology, we recommend “What is Mining”


Bret Cousins, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Course Details

Duration: 2 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Mining
Level: Introduce
Version Date: January 1 2022
Delivery Format: On-Demand

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Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to;


  • Describe the basic concepts of kinetics at a molecular level. 
  • Apply kinetic theories using mathematical models and documented constants.
  • Summarize the principles behind selectivity.
  • Explain surface charges and the impact they have on reaction kinetics and solubility constants.
  • Effectively troubleshoot using a more in depth knowledge of chemical fundamentals.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Chemical Fundamentals in Mineral Processing
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Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Added 6 months ago, by Stephan
Thank you
Added 6 months ago, by Anonymous
Very good course combining chemistry reactivity 101 with mineral processing
Added 10 months ago, by Mazen mushlish
Added 11 months ago, by Anonymous
I think we must foxes in every major of the employ and try to give them courses related to the major
Added 11 months ago, by Hassan Suleiman
It needs more improvements.
Added 12 months ago, by Anonymous
good course
Added over 1 year ago, by Anonymous
Added about 2 years ago, by Anonymous
Good stuff!

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