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16 Sep 2023



The development of a resource extraction project instantly changes the environment and social context of the area. Even the smallest group of pre-exploration geologists walking through a community can set off gossip and speculation about potential future economic, political, environmental, social and cultural transformations in a community; construction and operations typically lead to significant long-term change. This is particularly true in remote areas with small, isolated communities, which are often the ones that interact most intimately with resource projects.

A strategic social management system can help a company think about its relationship with communities, the extent of the risks posed to their construction or operations and can help a company to assess and manage the social issues, strategies and benefits that are important to the project stakeholders over time. This course provides an introduction to the key components of successful strategic social management. It draws heavily on more than 20 years of experience by the MFC team designing, implementing and assessing social management systems and social performance on some of the largest and some of the most complex (not always large) mining projects around the globe.

The course outlines the four distinct social management areas and brings them together into an integrated, risk-based approach for managing social performance. Strategic social management requires holistic thinking, collaboration, clear communication, integrated analysis and reporting; however, meaningful results require a detailed understanding of each of the contributing parts.


  • Monkey Forest Consulting


Duration 26 Hours
Access 90 Days
Category Leadership
Level Introduce
Version Date March 27, 2015

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Course Content

Strategic Social Management is structured with seven course parts and a total of 26 viewing sessions of 30-60 minutes each, plus course reviews. Current course duration is equivalent to approximately 26 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the history of social management systems and the most effective structures and approaches for mine social management.

  • Identify the relationships developed between a project and the affected stakeholders living in the communities and towns closest to a mine.

  • Discuss the sensitive ethical and political issues that companies must navigate as they interact with national, regional and local authorities.

  • Identify the key issues related to workforce and external communications with impacted communities, broader stakeholder audiences, the media and online communities.

  • Recognize how to maximize the value of social investment to the project's business case while supporting appropriate long term community development and relationships

  • Recognize the different approaches to social risk assessment and how to tie risk assessment together with a strategic social management system.

Recommended Background

  • Experience of mineral resource and/or oil and gas operations and their impact on communities in the developing world.

  • An appreciation of the requirements, objectives and expectations of communities in the context of resource project development.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

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Strategic Social Management
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Interesting content for an introduction on how to structure social management (key components, departments,etc). I removed one star because the figures are too small to read. This should be fixed.
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