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27 Feb 2024




Do you have the most up-to-date information in drilling and blasting to tackle common problems such as drill fleet optimization, explosive selection, and mine-to-mill optimization?

Blasting has completely changed in the last five years, yet alone the last twenty to fifty years and there is relatively little information widely published. Today we understand shock breakage, velocity matching, and powder factor are outdated and should never be used in the blasting process. New methods have taken the place of these concepts that allow blasters and engineers to make significant improvements to the drilling and blasting process.

This course will cover the new updates in the basics of drilling and blasting which you will use on a daily basis in your career of blast engineering. This course will cover critical topics such as an introduction to modern blasting, how rock actually breaks from explosives, the commercial explosives and initiation systems used today, and the drilling technology available in the industry. The course is divided into short video modules with questions following each lesson to reinforce key concepts.

Duration:     3 Hours

Access:       90 Days

Price:           $399 USD

Category:    Mining

Who This Course is For

This course is ideal for anyone who is working in the drilling and blasting program at a mine or works around the process and would like to gain additional background on the subject. The course is designed to give new developments in the field to the seasoned professional while also teaching someone completely new to the topic about the basics.


Dr. Anthony Konya - Dr. Anthony Konya holds a PhD in explosive engineering and is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anthony has consulted around the world on blasting including blast design, presplitting, ground vibration, air overpressure, and blasting safety. Anthony has written over 50 technical articles on drilling and blasting and has developed the modern presplit breakage theory utilized in the industry. Anthony has trained hundreds of industry professionals through online courses, in-class courses and seminars, as an instructor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and through guest lectures at the worlds leading Mining Engineering Universities and at private company events.


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Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will have gained an understanding for the modern principles of drilling and blasting and have the background to understand, analyze, and modify the rock blasting process. You will also be exposed briefly to methods for increasing the economics and safety of the drilling and blasting process.

Course Content

Introduction to Blasting course is structured in four modules. Each module is divided in numerous parts where each part contains a video and each module contains review questions. In order to pass the course and receive a certificate of completion, you need at least 60% in each module and 75% overall. Current course duration is equivalent to approximately 3 hours of viewing content. There is also a bonus module on the Powder Factor Course

Course Outline

The course will be delivered in a series of four modules, which are:

Module 1 – Introduction to Blasting

Module 2 – Mechanics of Rock Breakage

Module 3 – Explosives and Initiation Systems

Module 4 – Drilling Technology



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

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Introduction to Blasting
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sorry to say that, but it was a waste of time - in 3H course of slowed down talking and slide show there were maybe 5 minutes of important information. in fact if we would play that on normal pace and cut off introduction, summaries, repetitions and an useful knowledge course would last maximum 45 minutes - i would definitely not recommend it
Added about 2 years ago, by Mark
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