Mineral Property Valuation 1 - Standards and Guidelines

9 modules


Course Length
6 hours

Edumine Courses

14 Oct 2019



This is the first of two courses by the author on valuation of mineral properties. Mineral Property Valuation 1 - Standards and Guidelines covers the development, requirements and application of international standards and guidelines for mineral property valuation. It focuses on the CIMVAL Standards and Guidelines, developed by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, and their relationship with National Instrument NI 43-101 for mineral project reporting.

The second course, Mineral Property Valuation 2 - Approaches and Methods, covers the numerous approaches and methods for mineral property evaluation and their requirements and application.


  • Lawrence Devon Smith


Duration: 6 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Financial
Level: Specialize
Version Date: September 1, 2009

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The course is presented in four parts...

  • Part 1 - International Standards
  • Part 2 - Valuation Concepts
  • Part 3 - CIMVAL
  • Part 4 - Valuation Approaches

The course comprises 21 viewing sessions of 15–30 minutes each, plus four reviews of multiple choice questions. Estimated course duration is equivalent to approximately 6 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and discuss the requirements and application of standards for valuation of mineral properties with emphasis on the CIMVAL Standards and Guidelines.

Recommended Background

  • Professional engineer or geoscientist.



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: International Standards
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: International Standards
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Module 2: Valuation Concepts
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Valuation Concepts
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Module 3: CIMVAL
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: CIMVAL
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Module 4: Valuation Approaches
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Knowledge Check - Module 4: Valuation Approaches
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Added 4 months ago, by Nic
Added over 1 year ago, by Anonymous
A good course, perhaps a little light on detail. There are a number of spelling mistakes which is clumsy.
Added over 1 year ago, by Anonymous
SEC guidelines outdated
Added almost 2 years ago, by Anonymous
Great course, easy to understand with a broad overview of the background of mineral valuation.
Added almost 2 years ago, by Anonymous
The course is a good refresher especially to those involved in the valuation of mineral properties at their work places.
Added almost 2 years ago, by Erin
Added about 2 years ago, by Arlene
Added over 3 years ago, by Gatlin
Added about 4 years ago, by Andrew
Good summary of valuation principles with primary focus on CIMVAL - would have like to have seen more detail on the methodology of each approach to valuation. I wonder if the pricing of the course is fair market value based on the content.... Finally, I think a couple of the questions in the knowledge tests are a little ambiguous.
Added over 4 years ago, by Anonymous

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