Reclamation and Revegetation for Mines in Arid Climates

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Course Length
12 hours

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31 Oct 2019



Reclamation and Revegetation for Mines in Arid Climates is intended for environmental specialists in private practice and governmental agencies. The purpose of this course is to present mining related reclamation based on practical and actual experience. The course presents actual mine reclamation practices that worked or didn’t work. The focus of this course is on base and precious metal mining operations in the western US, but the reclamation practices are applicable in other regions of the US and abroad.

The course presents all aspects related to reclamation of mines from the initial baseline studies to final reclamation and bond release. Much of the approach is based on requirements by governmental agency rules and regulations. Reclamation programs are based on site specific conditions and baseline studies. These studies and surveys may start by examining natural revegetation in the region and on old mine disturbance. The goal is to create systems based on ecosystem analysis (prior knowledge) and sound ecological processes and patterns. The ecosystems established will be stable and sustainable based on the environmental settings, since local ecosystems are a function of climate, soils, biota; animals/vegetation, time, cycles, and energy flow. The goal is to match current ecosystems and promote diversity in compatibility with the surrounding landscape.


  • Dr. Sam Bamberg


Duration 12 Hours
Access 90 Days
Category Environment
Level Specialize
Version Date March 13, 2013

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Course Content

The course comprises 14 learning sessions of between 30 and 60 minutes each at the text level, plus multiple-choice reviews, extensive examples, numerous illustrations and tables, and supporting appendices. Estimated course duration is equivalent to approximately 12 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct baseline studies to support reclamation and environmental impact analysis.

  • Discuss reclamation and revegetation techniques.

  • Develop reclamation plans, apply for and obtain permits, and determine bonding requirements.

  • Develop and evaluate programs for testing, maintenance and monitoring of revegetation.

Recommended Background

  • A degree or diploma in environmental science or similar discipline.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: Introduction
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Module 2: General Requirements for Reclamation Projects
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Knowledge Check - General Requirements for Reclamation Projects
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Module 3: General and Specific Procedures
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Knowledge Check - General and Specific Procedures
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Module 4: Implementation and Performance Standards
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Knowledge Check - Implementation and Performance Standards
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Module 5: Appendices—Reports
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