Groundwater in Mining

15 modules


Course Length
14 hours

Edumine Courses

28 Oct 2019



In this course, we focus on groundwater theory and practice applicable to mines and the specifics of open pits, shafts, underground mine workings, heap leach pads, waste rock dumps, and tailings impoundments. We discuss, for each of these facilities, the principles of groundwater and facility design & operation that apply and must be implemented to control and protect groundwater and surface water.

This course is one of a series of related courses, some of which are still in development, including

  • Groundwater in Mining
  • Surface Water Management at Mines
  • Mine Water Balance Analysis


  • Jack Caldwell


Duration 14 Hours
Access 90 Days
Category Geotechnics
Level Specialize
Version Date January 22, 2016

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The course comprises 18 viewing sessions, each of 30 - 60 minutes duration, plus supporting figures, tables, worked examples and references, and interactive reviews that confirm your achievement of the learning objectives. The total duration of the course is approximately 14 hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the basic principles of groundwater flow in soils and rocks and apply these to typical mine facilities.

  • Apply the principles of groundwater flow to open pits, underground mine workings, tailings impoundments, waste rock dumps, and heap leach pads.

  • Evaluate practical engineering methods to control groundwater flow to make mining safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.

Recommended Background

  • A basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

  • A basic understanding of the fundamentals of mining and the nature, purpose, and function of mine facilities.

  • Perspective and understanding of environmental, engineering, and technical procedures and practice.

  • A desire to know more and a willingness to apply interest and curiosity.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: Introduction
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: Introduction
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Module 2: Principles of Groundwater in Mining
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Principles of Groundwater in Mining
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Module 3: Open Pits and Groundwater
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: Open Pits and Groundwater
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Module 4: Underground Workings and Groundwater
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Knowledge Check - Module 4: Underground Workings and Groundwater
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Module 5: Mine Facilities and Groundwater Control
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Knowledge Check - Module 5: Mine Facilities and Groundwater Control
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Module 6: Groundwater Laws and Regulations
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Knowledge Check - Module 6: Groundwater Laws and Regulations
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Module 7: Groundwater Characterization
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Knowledge Check - Module 7: Groundwater Characterization
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Added 6 months ago, by Paul
Added 9 months ago, by Jennifer
Added about 1 year ago, by Anonymous
I found the course interesting and informative, but it did contain a reasonable amount of personal opinion that some other practitioners might not fully agree with. Nonetheless the content is simply and competently presented.
Added over 1 year ago, by Moussa Mamadouba
Added almost 2 years ago, by SAMUEL
I found this course to be very helpful. The content is great. I just started a new role in a large mine where my team includes the hydrogeology group and this course has been an excellent refresher to help me in this new role. My only suggestion is to add some more visual aids like videos and real pictures to help demonstrate the concepts better. Thanks a lot.
Added about 2 years ago, by Gabriel
Very well built course. Definitively challenging !
Added about 2 years ago, by Jay
Added about 2 years ago, by Jean-Philippe
Added over 2 years ago, by Richard
Thank you!
Added over 2 years ago, by Glenn

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