Hazards, Safety and Security Management of Mining Transportation on Off-Site Roads

8 modules


Course Length
7 hours

Edumine Courses

04 Nov 2019



Off-site road transportation (access roads) to mining operations (public or private, semi-private) poses a series of unique challenges to people in charge of their Safety, Security and Hazard Management.

This course draws information from a number of real life studies performed on this type of road by the authors, and presents them following the logic of a Safety, Security and Hazard Management Report that could be prepared for a mine access road going from fictional "Gate A" to "Mine B," crossing a variety of terrain and subject to an array of geo-environmental and human-made hazards. This course is generic enough to be relevant to various different situations and environments around the world.

The course is divided into five steps, which correspond to those necessary to compile a Safety, Security and Hazard Management Report, namely:

  • Step 1: Preliminary Data Gathering;
  • Step 2: Generic Preliminary Inspection/Review of the Road;
  • Step 3: Specific Aspects Linked to Mining Roads;
  • Step 4: Hazard Identification Primer; and
  • Step 5: Possible Mitigations.

Steps 1 through 3 are combined in Part 1: Introduction and Preliminary Tasks. Step 4 is presented in Part 2: Hazard Identification Primer, and Step 5 is found in Part 3: Possible Mitigations. Three technical appendices deliver specific information that will help road managers to design specific signals and signage.

This course makes references to prior Edumine courses by F. Oboni and C. Oboni (Risk and Decision Making and Engineering for Success in Mining) whenever necessary, but neither requires their knowledge nor repeats any information already presented on risk assessment, risk, or management.


  • Franco Oboni
  • Cesar Oboni


Duration: 7 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Safety
Level: Spcialize
Version Date: September 11, 2012


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Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of the principles of hazard identification for mine access roads.
  • Awareness of risk and possible mitigation measures and their implementation.

Recommended Background

  • Experience of mining operations
  • An understanding of the basic principles of risk and probability theory


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: Introduction and Preliminary Tasks
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: Introduction and Preliminary Tasks
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Module 2: Hazard Identification Primer
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Hazard Identification Primer
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Module 3: Possible Mitigations
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: Possible Mitigations
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Module 4: Appendix
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