Design for Underground Metal Mines 2 - Design Guidelines

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18 Dec 2019



The Design for Underground Metal Mines courses have been written with the mine operator in mind. Numerous conferences, papers and texts have been written on the procedures to gather and analyze data for implementing into a design process. Although there is wide experience and expertise in the design of mine openings, it has not previously been compiled into courses that enable users to engineer their work place based upon past experience and practice augmented by sound engineering principles.

Mining is a dynamic process which requires in excess of thousands of cubic metres of openings to be developed daily over the life of a mining operation. Those openings may be for development and/or production purposes, however all cases must be designed so as to ensure the required behaviour. The site engineer therefore, must design the mine opening or pillars after addressing all issues relevant to the design and assessment of the overall behaviour.

These courses are designed to give the operator a design procedure that has been developed in conjunction with academia and practicing operations. This design procedure has been implemented at over twenty underground metal mines around the world. The courses reference numerous authors in the field and apply their findings to arrive at tools for design. The geomechanics design group at the University of British Columbia has been instrumental in developing the design curves presented here along with the direction and sponsorship of CANMET and mining operations throughout Canada. More recently, this course has been augmented by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health - United States Bureau of Mines) to incorporate case histories from mines in the USA operating within a weak rock mass.

Design Guidelines is the second of two Design for Underground Metal Mines courses by the author. The companion course is Design Parameters.

Design Guidelines employs the input parameters for stress, structure, rock mass characterization, failure criteria and support procedures developed in Design Parameters as the basis for design methods and approaches for mine openings presented in this course.


  • Dr. Rimas Pakalnis


Duration: 12 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Geotechnics
Level: Specialize
Version Date: December 23, 2004


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Course Content

This course is structured as three parts...Pillar Design MethodsOpening Design Based on Stability and DilutionMan-Entry Openings and Cable Support

The course comprises 10 viewing sessions at both summary and text level, plus multiple-choice reviews, and numerous figures, design tables and references. Course duration is equivalent to approximately 12 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the derivation and application of empirical pillar design methods for underground openings.
  • Discuss the derivation and application of empirical design approaches for open stopes based on stability and dilution.
  • Discuss the derivation and application of empirical design approaches for man entry openings.
  • Discuss the derivation and application of empirical design of cable support for open stopes.

Recommended Background

  • A degree in mining or geotechnical engineering, engineering geology or related discipline.
  • Experience of mining operations for underground metal mines.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: Pillar Design Methods
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: Pillar Design Methods
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Module 2: Opening Design Based on Stability and Dilution
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Opening Design Based on Stability and Dilution
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Module 3: Man-Entry Openings and Cable Support
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: Man-Entry Openings and Cable Support
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