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09 Dec 2022



This is an excerpt of the full course and is intended to give learners a free trial of the content.  The full course will be available for purchase in January 2023.

About the Course

The shift to fully electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery technology is well underway and the rate of production of electric vehicles is set to accelerate. Government incentives and policy mandates will boost sales of passenger plug-in electric vehicles by a 28.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2021 through 2026. New lithium-ion battery factories are being built and more planned to meet this demand. 

To produce these batteries you need raw materials, particularly the battery metals including lithium, cobalt and nickel. Battery component supply pipelines will struggle to keep up with such a sharp rise in demand.

This introductory course provides the learner an overview of the Battery Metals industry. The content includes a brief history of battery technology, the factors that are driving and influencing the market, the supply chain and future predictions.

Learners explore battery metals with a holistic approach to gain insight into the complex relationships that develop between the influencing factors that lead to criticality. Discover these considerations through an ethical standpoint as well as a business and financial perspective.

About the Audience

This course explores concepts that will be useful for those seeking a well rounded understanding of battery metals and is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.


Examples of those who may be interested include: investors, geologists, chemists, engineers, government officials, regulators, data scientists, policy setters, non-governmental organizations, procurement specialists, academics, finance professionals, sustainability experts, lawyers, and administrative staff.

Recommended Background

This is an introductory level course. While not required, we recommend the course What is Mining for an overview of the Mining Value Chain and key terminology.


Upon completion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Identify some of the largest regulators that are driving the energy transition.
  • Use key terminology and common acronyms appropriately.
  • Outline the rise of electric vehicles and how that has driven growth in the battery metal industry.

About this Sample
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Introduction to Battery Metals: Module 1
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Introduction to Battery Metals: Course Notes
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