Integrated Mine Closure

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16 May 2024


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Course overview

Learn how Integrated Mine Closure (IMC) can realise significant value to operations; how to assess closure risks; opportunities to realise value and maintenance programs to drive relinquishment.

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This Professional Certificate introduces Integrated Mine Closure (IMC), the role of environmental and socio-economic knowledge base and the importance of a shared closure vision; the criticality of social transition and leaving a positive legacy to successful IMC;  the importance of closure integration into Life of Mine planning and multi-disciplinary ownership of IMC.

You will learn to:

  • Identify and assess closure risks and opportunities to reduce risk and realise value;
  • Recognise that the execution of closure plans requires the same project management rigour as the original mine development;
  • Explain success criteria and associated monitoring and maintenance programs to drive relinquishment.  

Through improved knowledge of the Integrated Mine Closure process, learners will be able to more proactively contribute to planning and execution as part of their normal roles, rapidly upskill in this important process, add more value to your role, and use the increased knowledge as a springboard to higher level opportunities within your company.

ICMM’s ‘Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide’ has been drawn upon in the development of this course. AusIMM would like to acknowledge the contributors to that guide, in particular the ICMM team, their members and consultants.

Duration Delivery Start Date PD Hours Language
40 hours / 8 weeks 100% online 9 September 2024 Up to 40 English

Course structure

The practical and outcomes-focused eight-week course consists of six modules over six weeks, with a final two weeks to complete the assessment. The course consists of:

  • Live virtual classrooms (recordings made available within 24 hours)
  • Pre-recorded videos, featuring interviews with experienced industry experts
  • Interactive learning activities and discussion
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Additional reading including case studies

Live sessions are recorded and available within 24 hours for participants who are unable to attend.

The final assessment will require participants to critically assess a closure plan.

Note: This course will be delivered by AusIMM through a partnership with Edumine.

Course Sessions

10-Sep-24 6.30pm
17-Sep-24 11.00pm
24-Sep-24 5.00pm
01-Oct-24 5.00pm
08-Oct-24 5.00pm
14-Oct-24 7.00pm

Note: All times are in Pacific Time.

Who should attend?

Mid-level managers (Coordinators and Superintendents)

Subject Matter Experts (Specialists) in the Mining Industry in disciplines that have a role to play in Integrated Mine Closure. This includes mine planners, mining engineers, mine closure practitioners, technical services, finance, legal, social, safety/health, human resources and environmental.

Mine Closure Practitioners that would like to refresh or improve their knowledge and skills in this area.

Course facilitators


Dr Carl Grant


Director and Principal Closure/Rehabilitation
Unearthed Environmental Services Pty Ltd


Dr Sheridan Coakes

National Social Practice Lead
Umwelt Environmental and Social Consultants


Dr Ana Maria Esteves

Community Insights Group PTE LTD


Kim Ferguson


Experienced Closure Specialist



Dr Cherie McCullough


Director/Principal Environmental Scientist
Mine Lakes Consulting


Mike O'Kane


Senior Technical Advisor, Okane Consultants


Jonathan Sanders

Mine Closure Practitioner, Associate
KCB Australia



Dr Neeltje Slingerland

Mine Closure Practice Lead (Canada)


Dr Bjorn Weeks

Senior Advisor, Closure
Teck Resources Ltd


Narelle Wolfe


Head of Sustainability & ESG, AusIMM


Dr Renee Young


Program Director, Conservation and Restoration
The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute


Learning objectives

  • Understand the business case, challenges, and key components of Integrated Mine Closure (IMC), including starting with the end in mind.
  • Recognise the importance of the environmental and socio-economic knowledge base to establish a baseline for IMC planning, and the crucial role that stakeholder ownership of the closure vision and associated land-uses plays.
  • Explain the criticality of social transition to successful IMC and the importance of leaving a positive legacy through the development of enduring non-mining related enterprises to support communities’ post-closure.
  • Recognise the importance of closure integration into LoM planning and multi-disciplinary ownership of IMC, including explaining the importance of increasing maturity of closure activities throughout the LoM.
  • Describe domain-based closure activities related to mine voids, waste and infrastructure, and the importance of design criteria and the impact of climate change on IMC.
  • Identify and assess closure risks, opportunities and the importance of their analysis and realisation to reduce risk and realise value.
  • Explain the different types of closure costs and their purpose, as well as the key components of an Integrated Closure Plan.
  • Recognise that the execution of closure plans requires the same project management rigour as the original mine development, and includes identifying infrastructure sale or demolition activities, and understanding the importance of progressive rehabilitation and closure activities throughout the LoM to optimise closure costs and decrease risk.
  • Explain SMART success criteria and associated monitoring programs to drive relinquishment or alternatives, including the identification of appropriate maintenance and management activities for areas that do not meet defined success criteria.
  • Assess a closure plan using a Maturity Framework


Integrated Mine Closure

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