Study Processes for Resource Projects

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20 hours

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16 May 2024


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Course overview

Explore the multi-disciplinary components of studies, between exploration and operations.

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Study Processes for Resource Projects examines the role of the different contributors to ensure technical discipline and that risk is managed to prepare successful business cases.

In creating a consistent roadmap for preparing and evaluating Projects, the course provides a framework for ensuring the right tasks are pursued at the right time, and the steps needed to present information in a compelling way.

The course will provide participants the tools they need to inform decision making to advance studies at key project milestones and support evaluation. The course shares the stages in a project development study process – from scoping through to front-end engineering and design. By following a structured process, course participants can ensure a standardised approach that can be applied across resource projects.

Duration Delivery Start Date PD Hours Language
20 hours / 5 weeks 100% online 23 September 2024 Up to 20 English

Course structure

The five-week course is a collaborative, hands-on online learning experience, taking learners approximately 20 hours to complete. Please note the live sessions are not mandatory. The virtual classrooms will be recorded and available on the same day for participants who are unable to attend the live event. Course content includes: 

  • Live virtual classrooms
  • Videos of interviews with various subject matter experts
  • Additional resources and readings
  • Group discussion forums 
  • Learning activities in the form of short test questions 

Note: This course will be delivered by AusIMM through a partnership with Edumine.

Course Sessions

25-Sep-24 6.30pm
02-Oct-24 6.30pm
09-Oct-24 6.30pm
16-Oct-24 6.30pm

Note: All times are in Pacific Time.

Who should attend?

Project managers
Influence project progression through key milestones and approval gates; and better understand how to interpret cases put to you for approval

Study managers
Learn how to follow processes required to craft compelling proposals to secure support for your projects

Exploration managers
Learn how to present information in a way that creates a compelling argument for investors

Course facilitators


Lisa Park




Karl van Olden


Executive Lead – Operations, AMC Consultants


Peter Fairfield 


Principal Consultant, Miner Insight Pty Ltd


Learning objectives

  • Describe the characteristics and activities associated with study development and study progress, between exploration and operations
  • Explain the concept and actions towards ensuring the quality of studies
  • Define the role and components of study processes
  • Outline study requirements that feed into a robust business case


Study Processes for Resource Projects

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