ESG & Social Responsibility

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40 hours

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16 May 2024


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Course overview

Learn how to minimise ESG-related harm and maximise value to resource enterprises, affected stakeholders and broader society.

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Examine environment, social and governance performance and social responsibility (ESG/SR) through critical thinking and authentic resource sector experience.

Prominence will be given to evaluating ESG/SR risk, threats and opportunities, and to developing workplace responses, execution, assurance and performance reporting.

The course and case studies will be global in scope and will equip course participants with an understanding of existing and emerging ESG/SR societal and lender expectations in resource sector exploration, development, operating and closure contexts. Participants will gain enough knowledge and skills to know how to apply ESG/SR requirements in their own workplace.

Duration Delivery Start Date PD Hours Language
40 hours/ 8 weeks 100% online 14 Oct 2024 Up to 40 English 

Course structure

The eight-week course consists of six modules over six weeks, with a final two weeks to complete all course components. Each module consists of:

  • Live interactive virtual classrooms
  • Interactive learning activities and group discussions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Additional readings and case studies

There will be two assessments to complete as part of the course. Access to the assessments will be available at the end of week 1 allowing participants to work progressively on the questions as they work their way through the course. The first assessment will be due for submission at the end of week 6; and the second assessment will be due for submission at the end of the course (end of week 8). 

Live sessions are recorded and available within 24 hours for participants who are unable to attend.

Note: This course will be delivered by AusIMM through a partnership with Edumine.

Course Sessions

15-Oct-24 5.30pm
22-Oct-24 5.30pm
29-Oct-24 5.30pm
05-Nov-24 4.30pm
12-Nov-24 4.30pm
19-Nov-24 4.30pm

Note: All times are in Pacific Time.

Who should attend?

Asset-level front-line leaders across all mining functions
Understand ESG compliance, reporting requirements and impacts on day-to-day operations.

Consultants across all disciplines
Understand ESG compliance and reporting requirements for clients.

Corporate and investment-related professionals in the resources sector  
Improve ESG analysis, performance and assurance review.

Course facilitators


Bruce Harvey


Geologist, Social Performance Professional


Janina Gawler


Director, RST Solutions for Community Engagement


Alan Irving


Principal Environmental Consultant, Alan Irving and Associates


Dr Geraldine McGuire


Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions Global


Geoff Deans


Director, Modifying Factors


Mark Noppe


Director of WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre


Narelle Wolfe


Head of Sustainability & ESG, AusIMM


Learning objectives

  • Dive into the fascinating history of sustainable development and its transformation into today's dynamic ESG/SR expectations
  • Learn how to bridge the ESG expectations and the vital Environment and Social Performance requirements that drive resource sector enterprises towards a sustainable future
  • Master the art of referencing and applying global ESG-related Principles, Standards, Goals and Guidelines within the context of resource sector enterprises
  • Explore real world examples of enterprise ESG governance control systems and procedures
  • Become skilled in defining and actively participating in ESG-related risk assessments, materiality evaluations and gap analyses
  • Develop the acumen to contribute to ESG-related strategy and action planning, especially at the asset level
  • Understand the role of ethics in decision making and the existence of moral dilemmas and how to navigate them with integrity
  • Appreciate the importance of transparent ESG monitoring and reporting


ESG & Social Responsibility

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