Business Optimisation, Performance & Improvement

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20 hours

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16 May 2024


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Course overview

Harness strategy optimisation, cut-off grade expertise and identification of optimal performance measures to maximise mine project value while reducing risk.

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Identify strategies for success when facing commodity price shifts, exploration upside, squeezed margins and myriad other market and operational factors

Gain actionable insights into developing an optimised strategy for a mining project and the performance measures that can be put in place to align the operations with strategic intent so the business goals are achieved – with guidance on balancing the trade-offs between the long-term business goals and short-term production targets.

Learn practical knowledge that you can apply immediately to enhance your project’s outcomes:

  • project evaluation basics
  • strategy optimisation
  • cut-off grade theory and practice
  • key performance measures and reporting
  • recent developments in new technologies and innovations
  • how to conduct benchmarking and implement continuous improvements

Help your project deliver more value

Strategy optimisation, cut-off grade, and balanced key performance measures are not well understood in the industry - but they have a major influence on the overall financial performance of a mine throughout its life. Gain the knowledge you need to drive successful outcomes that align with business goals and operational realities.


Business improvement skills to accelerate your projects – and your career

Gain exposure to industry trends and how other players in the field are approaching similar challenges. Get the know-how to better identify the business transformation concepts that can deliver results for your project or site.

  • Strategic optimisation of mining projects to identify the best strategic options including but not limited to cut-off grades, production capacity, mining and ore processing methods, that deliver the business goals.
  • Cut-off grade selection and its importance on understanding trade-offs between risks and rewards.
  • The development and reporting of key performance measures to align mine operations with strategic intent and enable high performance.
  • The role of new technology and innovation in mine performance and operational excellence.
  • An overview of benchmarking and the continuous improvement process.


Duration Delivery Start Date PD Hours Language
20 hours / 5 weeks 100% online 14 Oct 2024 Up to 20 English

Course structure

The five-week course is a collaborative, hands-on online learning experience, taking learners approximately 20 hours to complete. Please note the live sessions are not mandatory, the virtual classroom will be recorded and available on the same day for participants who are unable to attend the live event.

Course content includes:

  • Live virtual classroom (with replay available)
  • Additional resources and readings (case studies, videos, articles)
  • Workplace activities and peer discussions
  • Group discussion forums
  • Learning activities in the form of short test questions

Note: This course will be delivered by AusIMM through a partnership with Edumine.

Course Sessions

16-Oct-24 6.00pm
06-Nov-24 5.00pm

Note: All times are in Pacific Time.

Who should attend?

Mining executives, senior managers, and technical personnel
The course will contain insight into both value maximization and de-risking mining projects through good strategic decision making and high performance.

Mining professionals who want to better understand strategy optimization and the key value drivers of mining projects.

Course facilitators

All programs have been developed in consultation with leading organisations in the mining industry, subject matter experts and community leaders to ensure you gain the latest knowledge and develop relevant skills to accelerate your career.


Andrew Hall


Director/Executive Lead - Advisory, AMC Consultants


Derek du Preez

Advisory Lead - Business Transformation, AMC Consultants



Learning objectives

  • Describe the steps required to undertake a robust business optimization process to identify the right strategy that delivers the business goals.

  • Identify the impacts of cut-off grade selection on business strategy, value and risk.

  • Explore the mining process and how monitoring the right key performance measures can balance the achievement of long-term strategic goals with short-term business targets.

  • Recognise the impact recent technological advancements and innovations have had on mine performance and their future potential.

  • Develop an effective benchmarking programme to identify improvement opportunities.

  • Discuss how to undertake improvement initiatives planning to realize the impacts of continuous improvement.


Business Optimisation, Performance and Improvement

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