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16 May 2024


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Course overview

Learn how to develop, drive and deliver mine systems and strategies underpinned by good governance to address corporate, commercial and community risks and opportunities - essential knowledge for running successful site operations.

You also get access to a three month All-Access Subscription to Edumine enabling you to learn from the 110+ on-demand courses offered on a variety of topics. 

The ability to understand, develop and deliver mine site strategies and supporting systems is critical knowledge for established and aspiring site leaders alike.

Learn from site leaders with decades of experience in navigating and translating corporate business strategy into mine objectives and developing your own strategies that address site and industry trends, risk and opportunities.

The course focuses on how to both design and deliver mine strategy and methodologies for execution, leveraging good governance to identify and respond to external governing bodies and requirements, and internal governing systems

With a focus on learning practical skills and applied knowledge, the course offers participants the opportunity to bring or reflect on their own site strategy for meaningful insights from industry leaders and peers.

This course is the first offering in the Mine Operations Manager Core Skills series - courses designed to support aspiring and established site leaders with the insights, skills and knowledge essential for running successful site operations.

Duration Delivery Start Date PD Hours Language
20 hours / 5 weeks 100% online 28 Oct 2024 Up to 20 English

Course structure

The five-week course is a collaborative, hands-on online learning experience, taking learners approximately 20 hours to complete. Please note the live sessions are not mandatory, the webinar will be recorded and available on the same day for participants who are unable to attend the live event. Course content includes:

  • Live virtual classrooms

  • Additional resources and readings (case studies, videos, articles)

  • Selective examples of tools used

  • Group discussion forums

  • Learning activities in the form of short test questions

Note: This course will be delivered by AusIMM through a partnership with Edumine.

Course Sessions

29-Oct-24 6.00pm
07-Nov-24 5.00pm
12-Nov-24 5.00pm
19-Nov-24 5.00pm

Note: All times are in Pacific Time.

Who should attend?

Site Superintendents and aspiring site leaders
Gain the skills and knowledge required for managing site strategies to help you step up to site management roles

Mine Managers, Site Supervisors, and Operations Managers
Refresh your knowledge to enhance and learn the latest approaches and trends for successfully leading systems and strategies on your site

Course facilitators

All programs have been developed in consultation with leading organisations in the mining industry, subject matter experts and community leaders to ensure you gain the latest knowledge and develop relevant skills to accelerate your career.


Stephen Williams

Associate, Enthalpy Pty Ltd


Neil Conway

Associate, Enthalpy Pty Ltd


Erin Sweeney


Senior Manager of Strategy and Growth, MEC Mining


Learning objectives

  • Explore the purpose of corporate strategy and governance and the actions of a manager that enable strategy to succeed

  • Investigate major industry trends and develop a workplace plan to identify and harness business opportunities and risks

  • Explore the actions of a mine manager that help ensure team members comply with governing codes and legislation

  • Examine the impact of ESG and the role of the mine manager in managing risk

  • Discuss methodologies in risk mitigation and the risks and benefits of mining contract services



Strategy & Governance

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