Edumine Fundamentals: Introduction to Modern Mining

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19 Sep 2022



Edumine Fundamentals: Intro to Modern Mining

Our new selection of Edumine Fundamentals courses are specifically designed for those new to mining or looking to brush up on their basics. The Intro to Modern Mining learning path provides learners with a foundational knowledge of the mining industry that covers all the key concepts required, without the need for a technical or engineering background.

From key terminology, to who’s who, and the basics of ESG, this learning path covers all the essentials needed for an understanding of the modern mining landscape.

This learning path is ideal for geologists, chemists, engineers, government officials, regulators, data scientists, policy setters, non-governmental organizations, procurement specialists, academics, finance professionals, sustainability experts, lawyers, and administrative staff.

What is Mining – An Introduction to the Mining Value Chain

Gain a broad overview of the mining sector with insights into the mining value chain and how the industry operates, without the prior need for detailed technical knowledge.

Build a robust foundation of mining knowledge through industry specific terminology and key concepts, ideal for anyone just getting started in the mining industry.

7 modules | 4 Hours | Authored by Dr. Sarah Gordon & Dr. Rose Clarke

360 Introduction to the Mining Industry

Learn about the key players in the mining sector, including equipment and service suppliers, government organizations and regulators, and administrative and support staff. Newly updated for 2022, this course is vital for anyone who needs to interface with mining industry,

8 Modules | 10 Hours | Authored by Julian Houlding & Simon Houlding, MSc P. Eng.

Introduction to ESG

A modern understanding of the mining sector wouldn’t be complete without a working knowledge of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) practices. This course includes a brief history of sustainability, the circular economy, the global factors driving demand, as well as the risks and opportunities of ESG in the mining industry.

6 Modules | 3 Hours | Authored by Dr. Sarah Gordon & Dr. Rose Clarke

Save Time and Money with Edumine Fundamentals

This learning path contains everything you need to get started in the mining industry, all in one convenient package that saves you money.

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