Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management

12 modules


Course Length
18 hours

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05 Dec 2019



This course provides current insights and practical suggestions for implementing maintenance management as a viable and valuable asset for any industry seeking to improve its operating systems.

Intended as a senior level reference for both maintenance and nonmaintenance professionals alike, Uptime provides an overview of maintenance management. It examines various elements that maintenance managers deal with and offers guidelines for maintenance success, specifically, useful information about "what" works well and "how" to achieve it. Whenever possible, the author has attempted to stay away from excessive details that are likely to be more confusing than illuminating to lay readers; he has tried to balance this by providing enough information to help the dedicated maintenance professional make informed choices. Brief "Summary" sections appear at the end of each session. These outline key points for executives and managers who want to focus on significant points without getting bogged down in minutiae.


  • James V. Reyes-Picknell 


Duration: 18 Hours
Access: 90 Days
Category: Mining
Level: Specialize
Version Date: February 25, 2009


Course Content

The course comprises 21 learning sessions, each of 30 - 60 minutes duration, plus supporting figures, tables, images, references and appendices, and interactive reviews that confirm achievement of the learning objectives. The total duration of the course is estimated at 18 hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine which maintenance activities to focus on to become more predictable and less reactive.

  • Determine the optimum level of inventory of maintenance parts, materials, and consumables.

  • Establish whether or not specialist maintenance engineering support is needed.

  • Establish organization arrangements that are appropriate to needs.

  • Discuss how to attract and keep capable people to maintain sophisticated equipment systems

Recommended Background

  • Technical diploma or degree in engineering or related discipline.

  • Experience of plant and/or equipment maintenance in a production environment.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of Contents
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Module 1: Leadership
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: Leadership
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Module 2: Essentials
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Essentials
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Module 3: Performance and Maintenance
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: Performance and Maintenance
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Module 4: Choosing Excellence
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Knowledge Check - Module 4: Choosing Excellence
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Module 5: Choosing Excellence Part II
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Knowledge Check - Module 5: Choosing Excellence Part II
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Module 6: Appendices
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it was a good learning for better understanding of the total concept of UPTIME and how it is so important in this current competing business world. Each small step taken together with team effort and positive attitude can bring great deal of success and win Gold for all stake holders
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