Risk Assessment, Decision-Making, and Engineering Management for Mine Geowaste Facilities

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Course Length
19 hours

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27 Apr 2020



This course is about the concepts, techniques, and tools for risk assessment and decision-making applicable to the management of mine geowaste facilities. The course focuses on managing the design, operation, and closure of mine waste facilities such as tailings facilities, waste rock dumps, and spent heap leach pads using risk assessment, formal decision-making methods, and management tools and procedures.

The topics addressed are key to the success of mining projects and their impact on the environment, as closed mine waste disposal facilities are new terraforms that will be there in perpetuity. If they are designed, constructed, operated, and closed properly, the mine is justifiable; if not, the mine should not be allowed to open or operate. If the geowaste facility is part of a mine that generates corporate and social benefits and entails risks that are below tolerable thresholds, then the mine is sustainable and can be allowed to operate. If the risks are not manageable, the mine may not be opened.


  • Jack Caldwell


Duration 19 Hours
Access 90 Days
Category Geotechnics
Level Specialize
Version Date October 19, 2015



Course Content

Risk Assessment, Decision-Making, and Engineering Management for Mine Geowaste Facilities is structured in five parts and a total of 18 viewing sessions of approximately 60 minutes each, plus course reviews. Current course duration is equivalent to approximately 19 hours of viewing content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the different phases of mining from exploration through feasibility, design, construction, operation, and closure

  • Identify the principles and methods of risk assessment, decision making, and the management of mine waste disposal facilities.

  • Be able to use the concepts and principles of risk assessment and decision making in your engineering technical, environmental, social, and management practices and undertakings.

Recommended Background

  • A degree, diploma or interest in engineering, geology, or environmental science.

  • An interest and desire to use risk assessment and decision making methods in your mine waste management practice and 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Edumine Certification

Learning Credits

Table of contents
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Module 1: Introduction and Exploration
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Knowledge Check - Module 1: Introduction and Exploration
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Module 2: Pre-Feasibility
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Knowledge Check - Module 2: Pre-Feasibility
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Module 3: Feasibility
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Knowledge Check - Module 3: Feasibility
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Module 4: Design, Construction, and Operations
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Knowledge Check - Module 4: Design, Construction, and Operations
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Module 5: Closure and Post-Closure
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Knowledge Check - Module 5: Closure and Post-Closure
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Content is interesting and well presented. However, the figures are not very good quality, links do not work. Overall, a good course, but find the price tag high.
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Excellent course, thank you!

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