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Risk is seldom explicitly introduced in the decision making equation, despite the fact that risk is often invoked. Many companies and organizations in the world consider risk management as a separate discipline, a sort of auditing/compliance nuisance imposed on them by governance rules or fearful upper management, resulting in the feeling that risk management may not be adding value to their business. Very seldom is risk management seen as an investment to generate positive outcomes, not just to prevent bad ones.  This course introduces a new approach that explicitly takes risks and uncertainties, and the stochastic nature of costs, into account. The new approach presents the concepts of the Economic Safety Margin and Comparative Risk Based Decision Making, illustrated by case studies. The latter is an innovative technique for comparing alternatives and projects at the tactical level.  By registering for certification in this course you can download and submit a data input sheet for a project of your choice to the authors and receive a free email consultation from an expert.  For a video presentation of Dr. Oboni's lecture on Risk and Decision Making (requires Adobe Flash Player), click on: Keynote Lecture.  Authors Dr. Franco Oboni Ph.D., Civ. Eng. EPFL/SIA (Co-Author) Cesar Oboni (Co-Author)   Duration 8 hours Access 90 Days Category Leadership Level Specialize Version Date November 26, 2007       Read More

This course is about the concepts, techniques, and tools for risk assessment and decision-making applicable to the management of mine geowaste facilities. The course focuses on managing the design, operation, and closure of mine waste facilities such as tailings facilities, waste rock dumps, and spent heap leach pads using risk assessment, formal decision-making methods, and management tools and procedures. The topics addressed are key to the success of mining projects and their impact on the environment, as closed mine waste disposal facilities are new terraforms that will be there in perpetuity. If they are designed, constructed, operated, and closed properly, the mine is justifiable; if not, the mine should not be allowed to open or operate. If the geowaste facility is part of a mine that generates corporate and social benefits and entails risks that are below tolerable thresholds, then the mine is sustainable and can be allowed to operate. If the risks are not manageable, the mine may not be opened. Authors Jack Caldwell   Duration 19 Hours Access 90 Days Category Geotechnics Level Specialize Version Date October 19, 2015   Read More

This course is the second in a comprehensive series of five mine ventilation courses by the author, written for practicing professionals. The complete series includes the following titles ... Mine Ventilation 1 - Introduction Mine Ventilation 2 - Hazard Awareness Mine Ventilation 3 - Design Basics Mine Ventilation 4 - Advanced Design Mine Ventilation 5 - Operations The basic focus for this course series is on airflow engineering. This is because getting the right amount of fresh air to the workplace is the single most important success factor in meeting the quality and quantity requirements of an efficient, safe and healthy underground mining operation. The courses are also designed to ensure the ventilation practitioner has an adequate understanding of at least the basic issues involved in mine ventilation, and therefore knows when a ventilation problem is of such magnitude as to need to call in a specialist, and has sufficient background to be able to liaise technically with that specialist. Mine Ventilation 2 - Hazard Awareness ensures that you, as ventilation officer, are aware of toxic substances in the underground environment, are familiar with the toxic and other effects of each as well as the available methods of testing and monitoring. This course also ensures that you understand the principles of mine fires and explosions as well as your duties, and the response of other officials and the workers, in the event of a fire or other emergency. Major topics covered include... Gases, Dust, Radiation and Biological Hazards Gas, Dust and Fume Surveys and Monitoring Mine Fires, Explosions and Emergencies Escape, Entrapment and Refuge Authors Rick Brake   Duration: 16 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Mining Level: Specialize Version Date: May 7, 2009 Read More

Conflict is an inevitable part of the human experience. Since we all have different experiences, beliefs, expectations, goals, cultures, and values, it is impossible for us to agree on everything. These disagreements will predictably lead to conflict. It is also a very human characteristic to believe that what we know and believe is the truth, and that those who see things differently must be wrong. The result? Conflict. As a leader, your challenge is not to prevent conflict, but to make sure differences between or among employees, between yourself and employees, or between employees and your company do not become dysfunctional. Conflict in itself is not a bad thing—it is often a catalyst for change. If you take the time to understand the causes of conflicts in your workplace, and help your employees negotiate peaceful resolutions or compromises, you can use this energy in a positive way. This course will show you where conflicts often arise, why they happen, and offer suggestions on how you, the leader, can deal with them constructively. Leadership Development Series Background The Leadership Development series was developed for Edumine by Dr. Elaine Cullen, President of Prima Consulting Services, and by Trudy Gallinger, Director of Curriculum Development for Prima Consulting Services. We draw upon a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from those who are thought leaders, practitioners, and professors in the art of leadership. We provide references for the many wise teachers and guides we used to create this series, and hope you will take the time to learn from them as well. How we have put the series together, however, and the unique ways we have presented the material as it relates to the mining industry, is ours alone. While each course in the series is designed to stand alone, it is highly recommended that you complete the Leadership Development - Introduction to Leadership course. This will ensure that we have a common understanding of what leadership entails, and common language to use in working through the entire course series. Authors Elaine T. Cullen, MBA, PhD, CMSP Trudy Gallinger MA.Ed, Curriculum Development   Duration: 5 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Leadership Level: Specialize Version Date: April 9, 2019 Read More

This course introduces an approach to local economic and community development that focuses on the creation of a "parallel economy" in communities impacted by the extractive industry - an economy that may be inspired and sustained by the increased population and economic output of the mine but that is entrepreneurial in nature and focused on strengthening local capacity for wealth creation. Enterprise Facilitation® is a community development methodology whose aim is to assist local, self motivated entrepreneurs to transform their own ideas into viable enterprises. The approach, used in community development for the past 25 years, has come to the attention of mining companies for its ability to engender not only sustainable development in communities but also a local "can do" attitude that promotes community pride and long-lasting gratitude for the providers of the Enterprise Facilitation® service. Authors Ernesto Sirolli   Duration: 5 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Environment Level: Specialize Version Date: June 8, 2011   Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More Read More

Molienda 1 – Principios fundamentales es un curso dirigido a ingenieros de procesos, operadores de molino y estudiantes de procesamiento de minerales. Éste es el primero de una serie de tres cursos de ingeniería de molienda desarrollado por Metso Performance Solutions. los otros títulos de la serie son Molienda 2 – Operación de unidades y Molienda 3 - Circuitos. Entre las materias que aborda este curso están: aspectos básicos del procesamiento de minerales, partículas, pulpas, conminución, clasificación, dinámicas, física y seguridad general en la molienda. En los últimos años, la industria dedicada al procesamiento de minerales ha disminuido su fuerza laboral, ha instalado nueva tecnología con equipos más grandes y ha automatizado gran parte de la planta, con el objetivo de aumentar la productividad y el desempeño y de mantener los costos operacionales en un mínimo. Como resultado de estas iniciativas, hoy en día el operador se ve enfrentado a tomar decisiones nuevas y mejor informadas. Para cumplir las necesidades de capacitación a nivel de operación de molinos, Metso Performance Solutions ha creado un Programa Automatizado de Capacitación para Operadores de Molinos. El programa completo incluye una serie de cursos de procesamiento de minerales para operadores de molinos e ingenieros de procesos en Molienda y Flotación. Estos cursos han sido adaptados para ser presentados a través del sitio Web de Edumine (en podrá obtener detalles). Un operador bien entrenado se traducirá en mayor rentabilidad, mayor producción, operaciones más seguras, mejor presencia anímica, mejores leyes y recuperación y comunicaciones más fluidas. Duration 11 horas Access 90 Days Category Mineral Processing Level Specialize Version Date   31 de agosto de 2012   ​Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More   Authors Metso Performance Solutions Traducción al español La traducción de este curso al español ha sido auspiciada por AngloGold Ashanti - La Colosa.   Read More

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