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Field Portable X-ray Fluorescence analyzers are quickly becoming prevalent within the mining industry. The ease of use, reliability and accuracy provided by this technology allow for quick decision making at low cost in real time. This course introduces the technology, application, operation and safety issues of field-portable XRF instrumentation. Authors Daxton Curry   Duration: 4 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Exploration Level: Specialize Version Date: December 13, 2010   Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More Read More

This course is intended for those who have to model groundwater conditions at mines, as well as those who have to review and approve groundwater models. It is also intended for all who may have to make decisions about mines on issues that are controlled or affected by groundwater and the modeling of mine groundwater conditions. Finally, the course is intended for all who may be interested in or affected by groundwater at mines worldwide. These are the primary topics of this course. Mine groundwater conceptual models Setting up a mine-related groundwater model Calibrating the conceptual model Making predictions about future groundwater conditions during and after mining Open pits and groundwater Underground mines and groundwater Tailings, waste rock, and leach pad facilities and groundwater Mines, groundwater, and environmental impact Groundwater modeling examples in this course are provided by Soilvision Systems. Authors Jack Caldwell Bernard Brixel   Duration: 11 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Geotechnics Level: Specialize Version Date: March 22, 2013   Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More   Read More

An Introduction to Modelling Metal Project Finance serves as an introduction to the critical issues associated with the debt financing of mining projects. The aims and objectives of project financing are discussed with an overview of the steps leading up to application. The course is aimed at professionals throughout the mining industry and assumes a basic appreciation of the main financial parameters. Logical guidelines on how to construct a preliminary level cash flow model of project finance are provided, with descriptions of the major input variables. Nickel and platinum are used as example commodities with which to demonstrate the principles of modelling project finance. A background discussion on the technical aspects and major costs involved in developing a large-scale open pit nickel mining project is followed by a step by step guide to the development of a financial model of the project using the financial modelling software tool IC-MinEval. Similarly, background discussion on platinum mining is followed by a step by step guide to developing a financial model of an underground platinum mining project using IC-MinEval. The workbooks generated by IC-MinEval are also included as downloadable spreadsheets for each worked example. The fully linked Excel workbooks have been saved such that by changing the variables in the input sheet revised performance indicators are generated. This does not require the user to have access to IC-MinEval.  A case example is included from Prof. Buchanan's book, Metals and Energy Finance (2018). Authors Prof. Dennis Buchanan Dr. Mark Heyhoe Prof. Tim Shaw   Duration: 10 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Financial Level: Cross train Version Date: January 10, 2019   Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More Read More

The development of a resource extraction project instantly changes the environment and social context of the area. Even the smallest group of pre-exploration geologists walking through a community can set off gossip and speculation about potential future economic, political, environmental, social and cultural transformations in a community; construction and operations typically lead to significant long-term change. This is particularly true in remote areas with small, isolated communities, which are often the ones that interact most intimately with resource projects. A strategic social management system can help a company think about its relationship with communities, the extent of the risks posed to their construction or operations and can help a company to assess and manage the social issues, strategies and benefits that are important to the project stakeholders over time. This course provides an introduction to the key components of successful strategic social management. It draws heavily on more than 20 years of experience by the MFC team designing, implementing and assessing social management systems and social performance on some of the largest and some of the most complex (not always large) mining projects around the globe. The course outlines the four distinct social management areas and brings them together into an integrated, risk-based approach for managing social performance. Strategic social management requires holistic thinking, collaboration, clear communication, integrated analysis and reporting; however, meaningful results require a detailed understanding of each of the contributing parts. Authors Monkey Forest Consulting   Duration 26 Hours Access 90 Days Category Leadership Level Introduce Version Date March 27, 2015 Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More Read More

This course provides current insights and practical suggestions for implementing maintenance management as a viable and valuable asset for any industry seeking to improve its operating systems. Intended as a senior level reference for both maintenance and nonmaintenance professionals alike, Uptime provides an overview of maintenance management. It examines various elements that maintenance managers deal with and offers guidelines for maintenance success, specifically, useful information about "what" works well and "how" to achieve it. Whenever possible, the author has attempted to stay away from excessive details that are likely to be more confusing than illuminating to lay readers; he has tried to balance this by providing enough information to help the dedicated maintenance professional make informed choices. Brief "Summary" sections appear at the end of each session. These outline key points for executives and managers who want to focus on significant points without getting bogged down in minutiae. Authors  James V. Reyes-Picknell    Duration: 18 Hours Access: 90 Days Category: Mining Level: Specialize Version Date: February 25, 2009 Read More

Process mineralogy combines mineralogical techniques with mineral process unit operations to identify minerals, their associations and characteristics in order to... establish feasibility concepts at the early stages of geological exploration; design processing flowsheets; specify raw materials and marketable products; troubleshoot plants; and indicate new uses of minerals. Process Mineralogy 2 for Coal and Industrial Minerals is the second of two courses on process mineralogy by the author. It presents application of the basic tools of investigative and analytical mineralogy with respect to coal and industrial minerals, illustrated by numerous examples, including... coal petrology; industrial minerals: diatomite, clay and calcium carbonate; and industrial minerals: structural clay, glass, cement and advanced ceramics. Together with the companion course, Process Mineralogy 1 for Metals (which also covers the investigative and analytical tools of process mineralogy), this course provides an excellent introduction to process mineralogy for all mining disciplines. Authors Dr. Marcello Veiga   Duration 10 Hours Access 90 Days Category Mineral Processing Level Specialize Version Date April 11, 2005 ​Need to train a team? Whether you're looking for a customized training program or developing a team, we have enterprise solutions to fit your needs. Learn More Read More

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